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Our Approach

You may wish to have an understanding of what your journey with us may look like. We understand that every client has their own individual requirements and we have the flexibility to work with you to suit your situation.

Our Approach

Initial meeting – held in person at our office or another location of your choosing. We also offer Zoom / Facetime and telephone meetings.

You are welcome to bring whomever you wish to our initial meeting, whether that be your spouse, another professional connection (e.g., accountant/solicitor) or a trusted friend.

After our meeting you will receive a comprehensive summary of what was discussed and where relevant we will confirm areas for future action to help you achieve your clearly identified goals and objectives.

Our fees and expectations would be discussed and detailed as soon as practical, once the scope of the work we are to undertake is confirmed.

You are encouraged to ask any follow up questions but there is no obligation or pressure to proceed from there.

Research, Analysis and strategy / solutions – your adviser and his/her team will evaluate your own particular situation, undertaking a detailed review of your existing financial circumstances, including researching any financial arrangements you currently have in place.

Equipped with this information, your adviser will discuss the various options to help you work towards your goals.

Recommendation – developing a strategic plan

Implementation – reaching an agreement on how and when the plan will progress.

Ongoing service and relationship – Service levels would be agreed; this can typically be seen to be around the investment management and tax planning, ensuring any plans you have in place stay on track, accounting for any changes to your circumstances and legislation. Provision can also be made for ongoing access to financial help and advice.

The level of help and assistance you require moving forward would be agreed with you. This would ensure any plans you have in place stay on track, taking into consideration any changes to your circumstances or legislation. Provision could also be made to include access to ongoing financial help and advice.

Why use Jamieson Christie Wealth Management?


Best advice

Our ethos is to provide and maintain the highest level of advice and professionalism, whilst offering a friendly and efficient level of support. We are not tied to any network, parent company, high-street bank or building society and can therefore offer truly independent advice. Whilst you may work primarily with one consultant, you will also benefit from the culmination of knowledge, experience and market insight of the whole team. .


Simplifying the process

We are able work closely with you, liaising with all other relevant third parties to clarify and explain options and solutions, clarifying as much of the industry “jargon” for you as possible.


Easy to understand

We listen to your requirements and then use our vast experience to find you the best solutions. We break down the key facts to allow you to make an informed decision that’s right for you.



You will have one dedicated adviser, together with allocated relationship managers and investment support contacts plus access to other advisers. Our clients can be assured that providing a trustworthy long-term, mutually beneficial relationship is at the heart of our financial planning solutions.

We do however understand that there are occasions when an individual may have a short term financial goal or a less complex situation which may require working on a one-off fee basis which we are also able to accommodate.

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